Augustinian Young People Association

The Augustinian Young People Association is an association of young people who due to Augustinian influence desire to live out the spirituality and charisma of St Augustine expressed in the dictum: “One mind, One heart intent upon God”. This association is geared towards satisfying the hunger for friendship among the youth, a reality St Augustine asserted its importance when he said “Whenever a person is without friend, not a single thing in the world appears friendly to him” (Letter 130:2.4). Teaching on what should be the binding force of true friendship, St Augustine has this to say, “You only love your friends truly, after all, when you love God in your friend, either because he is in him, or in order that he may be in him” (Confessions Bk, V. 19). It is true we all need friends, it is true we all know how to make worldly friends, however, here is an invitation to learn from St Augustine how to make godly friends and enjoy a lasting friendship.